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XL Custom Gaming Mouse Pad

Awesome product!!

Awesome product!! Would recommend.

M Custom Gaming Mouse Pad

Great product

Package was a little weird but the product is very good. The quality of the material is sturdy and the texture is satisfying. The colours are vibrant. Would highly recommend.


Was not sure what to expect when it came to image quality but I was under promised for sure. The colors and sharpness exceed all expectations and I am elated at the quality of your product. The size was exactly what I wanted and the texture is perfect for actual use. The pleasure in the fact that I now own a mouse mat with an image that I love can only be matched with the appreciation I have for your outstanding work. Thank you.

From a Twitch streamer

Awesome mouse pad.. Customized just the way I wanted it. Will buy again


I am not really a computer person, but the mouse pad delivered to me felt way better than I ever expected! I seriously recommend getting one of these if 1, you need a new mouse pad, or 2, you want a mouse pad more with what you like!

Great Game Pad

Fast service, shipping, and ended up getting exactly what I wanted.

Bought 7 mouse mats

Very nice quality! I only bought one at first but soon after I ended up buying more , customer service was nice enough to give me an extra 5 percent off because I ended up buying 6 in one cart . Highly recommended to any pc players out there! Team is very accommodating and will end up buying more!

Cool pad

Cool pad

High Quality, Mouse Pad

Looked around to a few places and the website does this one justice, printed perfectly and the build quality is flawless.


My friend loves the mouse pad

Not as good as the previous one I ordered

I ordered a custom mousepad with a famous concept art scene from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and was a little disappointed by the quality of the image. I uploaded it at 8K resolution, so I don't think that was the issue. I understand it's difficult to accurately represent the dynamic range of a more complex image, but the blacks are completely washed out and look more grey. Same with the lighter parts of the image -- they're darker than they should be. I would just recommend to input a simpler image if you're going for the custom design, as the smaller one I ordered for a friend a couple months ago turned out great (it was an image that was mostly black and white with some browns mixed in). I suppose the printers Epic Design uses just couldn't handle a subtler, more complex palate, but it is a serviceable product and certainly better than the plain jane steel series mousepad I was using before.

Arrived quickly and perfect print

Product amazing but the tracking could be better

The product come out great and amazing quality but the shipment tracking had me worried at times, sometimes there wouldn't be an update for a couple of days, other times it would just confuse me. But got the product regardless and I would highly recommend it to others


Honestly I kind of regret it because I could have gotten a bigger one lol it’s so beautiful and amazingly made. I would definitely recommend it.

Great mousepad

Huge mousepad. Better design.

It's okay...

The color was not really how it looked on the website, and the quality is a little mid. It's thin and the edges are loose.

XXL Custom Mouse Pad

Great image, and overall, quality, consistent updates from the time I ordered to when it came.


The image came out really nice and it feels good quality 👌

I love it, thank you so much !


Well done just in love with it

Great wave is great

I love the thing so far after a month and my only nit pick about it is some of the details look a slight bit pixelated but that’s only because I’m looking at it a lot but it’s to be expected and it’s great anyway.

Great Print But Received Dirty

I got a custom print on my 32in desk pad and i knew it wasn’t going to be perfect since it was custom which is just fine in my eyes. Although when I got my package it was delivered to me with black markings on it. Other than that i love my desk pad great bang for your buck product!

Awesome Product!

Super quick and great quality. I love the pads and would Definity recommend them to others.